Moonwise Herbs offers handcrafted herbal wares, handmade brooms and earth centered herbal education. We are committed to local food and medicine and therefore we grow and wild harvest many of the plants in our wares. Our educational programs are skill based, teaching about food preparation, plant identification, wild foraging for food as well as medicine, promoting health, gardening, permaculture, community, empowerment, wise woman ways, communication and much more! We are committed to creating connections through nourishment, beauty and function.

Our programs are designed to cultivate earth wisdom through herbal and whole food education, wild and whole food meals, earth centered living skills, compassionate communication, handcrafted herbal wares, handmade brooms and more! To learn more about specific learning opportunities click here.

We are committed to promoting health the wise woman way through love, nourishment, herbal wisdom, deep listening and compassionate communication. Moonwise Herbs is founded with these values at heart and is an invitation for all to discover that which is at the core of their being.

In a world that is fighting everything we can take a sigh of relief as we entertain the unimaginable transformations that live in nourishment, honesty, and compassion. Whether you simply visit this site, join us for a meal, purchase handcrafted herbal wares and/or brooms, take a workshop or participate in an apprenticeship, we hope you walk in beauty and find a piece of nourishment.