Welcome to the Herbal Homestead blog for Moonwise Herbs and Brooms. We are urban farmers, living in a small city. Our home is a permaculture site, which emphasizes beauty, function and sustainability. Linda will share bits of wisdom about the workings of our urban farm, our foraging as well as other adventures, our workshop schedule and more!

Linda Conroy is a Bioregional Herbalist, Wild, Whole and Local Food Aficionado, Home Cheese Maker and All around Wise Woman. On this blog she shares insights, wisdom and recipes for you to enjoy. Linda is generous with her knowledge of traditional skills and her only request is that if you find a piece of wisdom here, you acknowledge us as the source and share it with others.

Elecampane: Root Harvest

   It’s exciting to harvest Elecampane (Inula helenium) roots in fall or early spring! The ground is now thawed and we would be remiss, not to have this plant in… Read more >

Plant Spotlight: Usnea sp

  Usnea is a lichen. A lichen is a combination of an algae and a fungus living symbiotically or together. Also known as Old Man’s beard, it grows in hair-like… Read more >

What kind of broom is that??

On a recent trip across Wisconsin, Linda and I happened to see a rare horticultural anomaly. Some people would not think twice when looking up into a tree and seeing… Read more >

Nourishing Herbal Infusions

Creating nourishing herbal infusions is easy and fun!! For certain herbs we are looking for the nutritive qualities of the plant ie vitamins and minerals. These nutrients “live” behind the… Read more >