Wild Eats

Whole, Local and Wild food meals served in community.

Join us for whole and wild foods in community!

December 7, 2014 (6-9pm) Join us for the Winter Solstice Meal. We will celebrate the season, eat wild and whole foods put up throughout the year and share songs and/or poems as well as a handmade gift exchange.

February 8, 2015 (1-4pm) Wild Eats Brunch: From The Pantry. This is a wonderful time to gather as the seasons begin to change. We will share wild edibles from our pantry and a few from the field.


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Join us as we celebrate the wild foods that thrive around us. Linda has been preparing wild and whole foods for her friends and family for close to two decades. She is currently working on a cook book featuring wild and whole foods. Each recipe will feature seasonal wild foods, whole foods prepared from scratch and nutritional information. As we journey through the seasons, each menu reflects the bounty that nature has gifted us.

Meals are served at the home of Linda Conroy and John Holzwart in Sheboygan, WI. We request that a donation be made for each meal on a sliding scale of $25-35, unless otherwise indicated. (children are welcome and those under 12 are not asked to make a donation. *Locations other than our Sheoboygan home may set a different donation level.

*These are nutrient rich gourmet meals and you are sure to be delighted!! . We will place a basket on the table for donations at the end of the meal. *if you are not able to contribute financially you are welcome to help in other ways ie dishes, setting the table etc, just ask. To make a reservation contact Linda @ rosemarygoddess@moonwiseherbs.com or call 920-452-4372

Each spring, as stinging nettle emerges, “Nettle Mania” provides nourishment. With spring flowing into summer, the bounty of the sea arrives at our table for “The Sea and Her Weeds”. Such dishes as dock seed crackers and homemade smoked cheese, burdock root patties with juniper berry gravy, acorn muffins, cattail pollen crepes, knotweed soup and rose hip pie have been some of our favorites. We hope you enjoy the celebration of the Earth’s bounty, by inviting friends and family for a home cooked meal. Linda periodically posts recipes on the website as well as in our monthly newsletter for you to enjoy, watch for the cook book!! To view recipes, read past newsletters and sign up for email updates click here.

“I am stuffed full and quite content – thank you for the excellent meal and community!”

Wild Eats Diner

To view sample menus click below:

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Wild Eats Winter Solstice Menu