Wild Edible and Medicinal Plant Series

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The focus of 2017 programming will be on the 8 month Wild Food/Wild Medicine 8 month certificate program. For more information click here.

Food and Medicine in the Field and Forest

Spring Foraging: May 22, 23 and 24, 2015 (Friday evening 6pm-Sunday 4pm) The theme for this weekend will be spring food and medicine.  Guest instructor for this session will be Samuel Thayer, author of Foragers Harvest and Nature’s Garden! See his biography below.

Fall Focus on Mushrooms: October 2,3 and 4, 2015 (Friday evening 6pm-Sunday 4pm) The theme for this session will be foraging for edible mushrooms. Guest instructors for this session will be Sarah and Nick Jordan. You can see their biography’s below.

Join us for these fun sessions that will explore two very rich seasons in the plant world: Spring and Fall!

Join us for one or both weekends! Both will be seasonally focused, so each weekend will offer a unique experience.

These programs are open to both men and women!

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“A huge thank you for your kindness and wisdom. I came with the intention of learning wild foods… and left with so, so much more.” Megan Kerkoff, Fall 2014 Wild Plant Series Participant

Join Linda Conroy and guests for these inspiring weekend immersions in the wild plant world. Participants will learn to forage for food and medicine of each season. We will learn approaches to storing plants for later use as well as plant identification, ethical wildcrafting, techniques for harvesting, processing and more! The focus of each session will be on what is available during that particular season. We will prepare whole and wild food meals together as part of the hands on learning experience. We encourage participation in both sessions for a comprehensive learning experience!

Spring session guest instructor: Samuel Thayer grew up gathering and eating wild food in central and southern Wisconsin. He began teaching edible wild plant workshops in 1995, won the Hazel Wood Wild Food Cooking Contest held yearly at Cairo, West Virginia, in 2000, and was inducted into the National Wild Food Hall of Fame in 2002. Sam has written two award-winning books on edible wild plants, Nature’s Garden and The Forager’s Harvest. Sam‘s focus is on foraging as part of a healthy lifestyle in communion with Nature–foraging for fun, thrift, health, and spiritual fulfillment. He lives in northwestern Wisconsin with his wife, Melissa, and two children. Besides writing and teaching about plants, Sam owns an organic orchard raising apples and native berries, produces maple syrup, and harvests wild rice.

Fall session guest instructors: Sarah Foltz Jordan is a conservation biologist at the Xerces Society where she works to protect pollinators, snails, and other small (but hugely important) creatures. Nick Jordan believes that fungi are our allies and that their role on this planet is powerful and often underestimated. He splits his time between organic farming (including mushrooms) and software engineering. Both Nick and Sarah enjoy finding and eating all kinds of wild edibles, but are especially fond of fungi. Together, have been teaching mushroom ID workshops for almost a decade, and love this role of helping people expand their interest and knowledge of wild food. For more information, please visit Nick & Sarah’s wild edible mushroom website, www.mycomagnet.com

Weekends include instruction, supplies, handouts with recipes, whole and wild food meals, camping or indoor lodging and much more! Indoor lodging will be on a first come first serve basis.

These program takes place at the Windhorse Retreat Center in Plymouth, WI. The center is located in a beautiful glacial area adjacent to the 15,000 acre Kettle Moraine State Forest.  The Kettle Moraine State Forest is in southeastern Wisconsin, USA. The chief feature of the reserve is the Kettle Moraine, a highly glaciated area. The area contains very hilly terrain and glacial landforms, such as kettles, kames and eskers. This forest offers a vast opportunity for exploring the natural world!


Online Registration: (Click to register & pay)

Register for the spring session prior to March 1, 2015 $325.00After March 1, 2015 $375.00 The spring series is full. To be added to a wait list Email rosemarygoddess@moonwiseherbs.com

*There are still spaces available in the fall program, register below. 

Register for the fall mushroom session $375.00

To pay with a check or money order-make payable to:

Moonwise Herbs
PO Box 166
Sheboygan, WI 53082

Returning participants as well as current and past apprentices receive an additional discount, contact Linda for more information.