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For centuries, Puget Sound cultures have enjoyed a rich and varied diet of wild edibles and medicinals in the San Juan Islands. Cultures around the world relied on seaweed and wild edible plants to nourish them and provide medicine or herbal remedies for the people. We can still access these ancient foods and medicine plants. Join herbalist, educator, and wild food enthusiast Linda Conroy, MSS, MLSP for these fun and informative learning intensives.

Programs take place on beautiful Lopez Island and are open to both men and women, offering an opportunity to work together while creating community and confidence in both our tangible and intuitive skills. Linda is a skilled and experienced herbal and wild food educator who has been facilitating groups for over 20 years. She teaches across the United States and particularly enjoys returning to the San Juan Islands each year.

Tuition includes instruction, food to prepare meals, herbal medicine making and food preparation supplies, camping space (not equipment), and kayaking equipment.


Ways to incorporate plants into daily life for food and medicine

Ways to incorporate herbs and seaweed into daily life


Skills for Identifying, harvesting and using seaweed and local wild herbs


Creating optimal nourishment with traditional food preparation


Techniques for growing herbs for food and medicine (local garden visit)


Cooking with Herbs for Health Nourishment and Fun!


How to make and use herbal remedies


Utilitarian uses i.e. storage containers, rattles and more!!


Herbal First Aid



Herbal Energetics



Approaches to connecting with the natural world


Life enhancing communication skills


The Wise Woman Healer within



An understanding of health with a focus on seasonal cycles and patterns


Communicating with plants and plant spirit medicine


The beauty of spending time with a group of women (and occasional challenge)

The joy of camping in a beautiful serene place


Empowerment and connectedness


What it feels like to sit in an ancient kelp bed


Skills and confidence in sorting through health care options and how to be an advocate for healing


Medicine from the Land and Sea

Herbal Wisdom, Wild Edibles, Whole and Local Foods, Community, Transformation and Much More!!!

The Seaweed Trip contains many aspects of our apprenticeship program in an intensive format and has continued to support the needs of new and past students alike. This program offers a unique opportunity to connect deeply with green allies of the land and sea. While hiking and/or kayaking Lopez Island we will identify and harvest a wide variety of nutritive as well as healing plants.

We will explore Lopez Island to learn the ecology and uses of sea vegetables as well as other coastal delights. As we wild harvest, we will discuss safe, legal and environmentally friendly approaches to harvesting. In addition to drying and pickling seaweed, we will incorporate sea vegetables into our meals, learning to prepare meals that include herbs and whole foods. This course offers a vast array of information about seaweed identification as well as the health and nutritive benefits of these ancient plants. Participants have the opportunity to make a seaweed gel salve and learn to apply seaweed for healing minor cuts and scrapes.

have the opportunity to make a seaweed gel salve and learn to apply seaweed for healing minor cuts and scrapes.

Participants will learn botany as well as the healing characteristics of plant families. We will uncover plant mysteries and use our senses to connect deeply with the natural world. The plants we collect will be incorporated into our daily meals and we will have the opportunity to craft a wide variety of tonics and medicines for later use.

We will visit local farms as a way to connect with the agricultural focus of this community as well as enhance our wild harvested meals. You will leave nourished and inspired with an appreciation for this magical island, the region and the wild or medicinal plants that abound. We will also learn about approaches to preparing plants to increase their nutritive as well as healing potential.



Join herbalist and wild crafter Linda Conroy, MSS, CCH for this amazing journey on a primitive island located off of the tip of Door County peninsula in Lake Michigan.


Join Linda and guest intructors for weekend foraging excursions that include supplies, handouts with recipes, whole and wild food meals, and much more! 

Wild Medicine, Wild Food, and Wild Women!


This is an intensive program; we cover a lot of material in a short time. While you will have some time to reflect, keep in mind that the intention and point of an intensive is to focus and learn a lot in an accelerated format. While participation in activities is optional, many participants are able to pace themselves and participate in the majority of offerings. Know that as one participant put it: “the ripple effects” have the potential to reverberate for a long time to come!!

For those who choose to kayak, you are doing so at your own risk. While the trip we take is short and appropriate for all levels, it is always a risk and you are solely responsible for this. You will sign a waiver at the Kayak Company to this effect. You also have the choice not to Kayak and will get plenty out of the program without this experience.

This is a drug and alcohol* free event. Please refrain from these activities during this experience. *We will have alcohol available for medicine making only, not for casual use.

Some work trade is available. To inquire contact Linda by phone 920-452-HERB

Note to past participants as well as past and present herbal apprentices: Many of the women who have participated in our past programs enjoy returning for the Intensives on Lopez Island. While you always learn a lot, we also appreciate what you contribute to the community! In order to encourage your continued participation, you are invited to return at a discounted rate. To learn more about how to receive this discount, contact Linda


Read Linda’s article entitled “Sea and Her Weeds”
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