Wellness Consultations

With Herbalist Linda Conroy

These holistic sessions with herbalist Linda Conroy can offer insights and information on incorporating nutrition, herbs, and other natural remedies into your life to build overall health and to correct imbalances. Sessions are often a blend of discussion and hands on learning. They often include information about food choices, herbal nourishment and remedies as well as exploration of life issues. These sessions can include hands on learning, making herbal remedies, identifying plants and/or preparing food for health and nourishment.

Sessions are offered on a sliding scale basis:

Individual sessions: $100.00-$125.00 sliding scale per session (1-1/2 hours)

A commitment to 3 sessions: $250.00 for 3 sessions (provides an opportunity for seekers to look deeply at their overall health with guidance and support)

These sessions are educational and supportive in nature. Our time together can support you in making choices to promote your health and expand your connection to life. These sessions can be offered over the phone and would include the cost of the telephone call.

To schedule an appointment contact Linda at 920-452-HERB or rosemarygoddess@moonwiseherbs.com

“I appreciate how you offered me caring and committed healthcare support, and willingly shared your herbal, wise woman, and nourishment knowledge. Whereas fear, pills, and hospitalization is what I have mostly received from western medicine, I feel that you have encouraged me to claim my power with my healthcare.”

-Rhonda Syphax

“Thank you for sharing your insight with me, it was a truly simple yet extraordinary glimpse into myself. I am grateful.”

“Thank you again for all of your suggestions. It is very reassuring to have some one who is knowledgeable AND who cares.”

“Whoever you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to your imagination, calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting, over and over, announcing your place in the family of things.”

Mary Oliver