Calendula / Chickweed Healing Salve

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Comes in a 1 oz. tin

Helps to fade scarring, relieves eczema, heals and soothes irritation from diaper rash and other dry skin conditions. This is a must for every home herbal kit. This makes a great gift for mom and new baby. Contains: Calendula Flowers and Chickweed Infused in Olive oil and Beeswax.

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Weight 3.2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 2 × 6 in

1 review for Calendula / Chickweed Healing Salve

  1. Laura Staubes

    I just met Moonwise Herbs at MFR festival in MI this past weekend. I developed rather severe, concentrated Eczema less than a year ago and have tried numerous things on it, including Rx steroid creams from my doc plus creams from the Eczema website which have done their best to keep the itching and dryness at a minimum……but at their best.
    THEN!!! I bought some of this cream HOPING it would work, KNOWING that herbs are awesome (and the basis of all modern medicine to begin with!), and quite literally, my eczema didn’t itch the whole time I used it. And I’m using it 1x, maybe 2x/day, morning and night, and I didn’t even need to open the steroid cream for use on vacation. My skin initially also liked some of the moisturizing cream with it, and now I only use this cream. As I purge these toxins, this cream is amazing, and the first to REALLY work 100%. By killing the itch, I’m not scratching, and my scratch marks, and skin abuse is healing as I purge my toxins (and work on that as well).
    It’s wonderful stuff and I just bought 3 more tins because it was also WONDERFUL on my bad sunburn…….I usually blister, and I didn’t at all this time.
    The name speaks the truth…………………’s really skin healing salve. Thank you Moonwise!!!!

    • rosemarygoddess

      Thank you. We are thrilled that this is working so well for you!! We will send your order early next week.

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