Wise Woman Wild Food/Wild Medicine Apprenticeship Program

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The Herbal Medicine and Wild Food Certificate Program offered by Moonwise Herbs is a certificate program, held one weekend a month for 8 months, beginning in April and ending in November 2022

The focus of this program will be on incorporating the plants that grow around us into daily life for food and medicine. In addition, participants will be invited to shift and change their own health paradigm and to learn about the herstory of herbalism, from the lense of the wise woman/village herbalist.

This program takes place in Albion, WI. It is facilitated by veteran Wise Woman Herbalist, Linda Conroy. To learn more see: https://moonwiseherbs.com/certificate-program/

To complete the program application click here.

This deposit includes a fee of $10 processing fee for credit card payments. If you prefer to send a check, send to: Moonwise Herbs PO Box 653 Stoughton, WI 53589

5 reviews for Wise Woman Wild Food/Wild Medicine Apprenticeship Program

  1. April Yuds

    Get ready to change your life! Well worth the time and money. Linda Conroy shows up with her authentic self and teaches with a whole heart.

  2. Rox Roots

    I had been studying herbs on my own and through various introductory courses and workshops for a few years before I found Linda. By that time I knew what I was looking for, and I had researched instructors all over the country to find the right one for me. The first time I participated in a Midwest Women’s Herbal event, and heard her speak with conviction about healing that is rooted in sustainability, I knew I had found her. This course both challenged me and supported me where I need it most. It has transformed my relationship with plants and grounded my practice of nourishment and healing. Even after the course I am still learning from her all the time. This course takes commitment, work, and trust, but you get back what you put in ten fold.

  3. Deanna Brown

    Linda’s 8 month program came at just the right time in my life…the transformation and synchronicity inspired by my studies with Linda, the other wonderful soul-sisters I have met along the way and our green allies continue to move me in directions closer to my heart and true path. The plants heal with such grace and beauty- they show up when we need them. They want to be in relation with us, to nourish and provide medicine. Linda will guide you in the great mystery of how to open up to the lessons of the plants. You will learn to identify and forage and she will provide you the skills as well as resources to wade through all the information- she teaches the science and the art of plants. Along the way, you will learn skills of self-sufficiency, amazing cooking techniques
    and be introduced to ways of communication that inspire deep exchange and true connection.

  4. Heidi Jean

    I started out in the 8 month Wild food, Wild Medicine program which completely changed my life. I was seeking a life transformation, and this is what my intentions were as I embarked on this program. This program is eye opening, heart opening, and empowering!! I have so much gratitude for Linda , the Wise Woman Tradition and all the classes I have attended with her that have impacted my life in so many ways. I went on to take an internship with Moonwise Herbs which gave me an opportunity to also be an apprentice in Linda’s apprenticeship. These opportunities provided by Linda gave me so many rich learning experiences, along with much expansion in my self growth. I walked away feeling empowered, and more confident in my knowledge of the green world. I walked in to her programs not able to i.d plants at all and as I walked out not only am I able to i.d plants but I have a deep relationship with the plants, myself and the world around me!! Talk about life changing!!!! I have so much gratitude for the space Linda holds, the lineage she passes on and the knowledge of the green world she generously shares!!

  5. Orlee Roza (verified owner)

    The 8-month Herbal Medicine and Wild Food Certificate course has aided tremendously towards my knowledge and confidence in nourishing myself and my community. I gained a new awareness of and deep appreciation for plant medicine throughout those 8 months while also being provided with the tools for continued education and inspiration. I was given invaluable resources to more comfortably and clearly communicate with the people around me and the plants in my own backyard. Because of this course and the community of women it brought me to, I feel empowered to continue pursuing herbal medicine and wild food. From the bottom of my heart I recommend this program.

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