Intutive Tarot Reading: Virtual Class August 18, 2020 (6-8:30pm)




August 18, 2020 (6-8:30pm) Learn to read the Tarot Intuitively Virtual Class. In this program you will bring your own deck (email if you need assistance choosing  and  deck). This program will include a presentation as well as an experiential component. Be prepared this is a participatory program, participants will have the opportunity to apply the information shared, and to practice readings for themselves and  with other participants. Everyone will receive a handout at the end of clas

Participants will be albe to schedule a reading with Linda Conroy at a discounted rate at the conclusion of class.

Linda Conroy is an herbalist, forager, community organizer and advocate for women’s health. She has been reading tarot cards for over 2 decades and has been offering classes on this and a wide range of earth centered and personal growth topics. for a decade.


Register prior to 8/14 to receive the discounted class rate.


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