Pine Needle/Sweet Grass Basketry Class Virtual February 6, 2021


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In this small intimate class, we will learn to make coiled baskets from sweetgrass and pine needles. We will start by learning to grow, forage, source, and prepare materials. We will learn to coil as well as add adornments and other materials to baskets. Coiling is the oldest form of basketry in the world. The practice of making these baskets is meditative and rewarding.

To make the most of this virtual class, there will be a maximum of 6 people in each program. I will send a package of materials to you prior to the class. The package will contain everything you need to make 2 baskets. We will make one during class and I encourage everyone to start another basket quickly after class so that you remember the process.

This class is an all-day class. It will run from 10 am-4 pm with a break for lunch.

You will want to set up a work station, where you can also have your computer screen in front of you. It is good to have plenty of workspace and to prepare the space ahead of time. This is fine work, and so you will want to have good lighting and if you need them reading glasses.

I will be sending you supplies, but you will also want to have the following:

~A small pair of sewing scissors

~a thimble (not absolutely necessary but some people find it helpful)

~a small pair of pliers or hemostats (again not absolutely necessary, but some people find them helpful)

~a basket with supplies that you might like to have on hand ie tissues, lip balm, snack, notebook, full water bottle, and a pen, etc. (this is nice to have so that you can are well cared for.)

~a jar or large container that you can fill 1/2 way with water for soaking the pine needles.

Once you have registered, I will request your mailing address and will send you your package of materials that you will need to make a basket.

This will include:

~Sweet Grass

~Pine Needles (natural and a few dyed so that you can embellish with color if you would like)

~Sewing material


~other embellishments: black walnut slices, metal ring (for Teneriffe), and a small cone for making a lid handle.

~written instructions


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